We believe that your confidence in us deserves a personal touch. FCA’s goal is to establish relationships with our clients designed to last a lifetime.


We offer educational workshops designed to help you better understand your company’s 401K and benefit plans. In these workshops, we introduce you to the vast amount of tools, resources and investment options available. We offer these services complimentary to employees while they remain in the workforce. This allows our clients to focus on their maximum earning potential without the concern of advisory fees. It also helps solidify the future client-advisor relationship.


We believe that knowing how to plan for your retirement requires an objective understanding of what is important to you. Planning for retirement takes personal effort, discipline and a basic understanding of investing. We will guide you through preparation, transition and asset management.


We work with a team of knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to help advise clients on efficient ways to reduce estate taxes, income taxes, probate fees and legal expenses.


Our tax planning goal is simple, our advisors look for ways to keep more of your money in your pockets and out of the pockets of the IRS. Given the complexity of the tax code, our consultants can often be a valuable asset in creating a comprehensive tax plan.


We look for ways to help your business prosper. We help to establish or manage existing company retirement plans such as 401k accounts, SEPs, IRAs, Simple IRAs, etc. Reducing taxes is also a critical part of the owner’s planning process.