This holiday season, Financial Consultants of America, is teaming up with Embrace Richmond to give back to our community through the “Embrace Young Heroes” campaign.

Kevin Nentwich, the owner of FCA knows the difference between an expense and an investment, and that by investing in emerging young leaders, he is investing in the future of our city. That is why Financial Consultants of America will be matching dollar for dollar, up to $15,000, any donation received during this campaign.



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  • Offers young people positive job opportunities so they can avoid the negative traps around them.


  • Provides young people who are seeking to do the right things with a support group to help them navigate. Many young people we work with have persevered through some of the most challenging life experiences imaginable.


  • Engages local youth in community-building projects that are helping to strengthen their own neighborhoods. These projects bring neighbors together to make positive changes that reduce crime, increase positive activities for family and youth, and foster economic revitalization.


To get more information on Embrace Richmond and to Donate online visit: or call (804) 404-3610

To learn more about the Young Leaders Program here.