Financial Freedom Awaits
Financial Freedom Awaits!

As American working families consider retirement, they are faced with challenges of the unknown. Some people are unaware as to how their company benefits work, how taxes effect them, or how investments actually work. At Financial Consultants of America (FCA), we continuously provide education and guidance so you fully understand your options before making a decision.


Whether in one on one consultations, or one of our frequent workshops, FCA takes the time to get to know you personally by listening to your concerns, needs and goals.


We provide our clients with unbiased and informed advice. To assist you, we monitor financial markets, research tax law changes and customize portfolios that are specific to you and your risk tolerance.
FCA recognizes the fact that you work hard for years to build your retirement nest egg and that this money needs to last you the rest of your life. That’s why our consultants are specially trained in income distribution planning.


Come and meet with one of our consultants and let FCA show what we can do for you.





Kevin M. Nentwich, CFP®, AIF®



Are you financially prepared to live the retirement of your dreams?

  • To spend more time with your grandchildren?
  • To be able to relax and enjoy the life you’ve been working towards all these years?
  • To do the things you were meant to do?

If you’re not sure, Financial Consultants of America can help you find the answers.